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Innocent Black Man Illegally Convicted for Rape Charges without an Arrest or Arraignment




Innocent Black Man Illegally Convicted For Rape: is about the corruption between a racist white prosecutor, a racist white police detective, and a black sellout trial attorney. There was never any arrests made, no arraignments met, and no court appearances for Sexual Performance CH & Sexual Assault CH. The State of Texas is showing several different arrest dates for both sex charges but cannot produce any arrest reports for them. There are no offense reports and no complaint affidavits from the alleged coerced victim. There are no probable cause affidavits and no police investigation files. There’s no physical or DNA evidence and no gun found anywhere. Those fraudulently filed indictments show that the Dallas Police Department filed both Sex charges, but presently DPD is stating that Dallas Police Department did not filed those charges and that they have no records of them.

Senrick Wilkerson was illegally convicted for rape charges without an arrest, without any court appearances, and without being arraigned before a magistrate judge. There was no physical or DNA evidence, and the lying and coerced alleged victim was in jail facing 15 years for three(3) felony charges when the Dallas Police Department fraudulently filed both sex charges against him. The message of this book is relevant, because Senrick Wilkerson is living proof where our society sees that BLACK LIVES STILL DON’T MATTER in this country, to the courts, and to this corrupted justice system in a place that we call America.

Senrick Wilkerson hopes that his readers will get the facts out of reading his book and understand that the justice system is maliciously crooked and corrupt. American people care more about saving the lives of animals verses saving innocent incarcerated black folks.

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