Inside the Vatican Print Advertisement

Print advertisements remain discreet and safe in contrast to digital ones. Digital advertisements that float and bubble up on a web page hide the text that viewers are trying to read. Some people even use ad-blocking software to shield their screens from advertisements. Other internet readers may come upon an ad that piques their curiosity, but they decide not to click it. They are concerned about potential spam and malware from fake digital marketing. The realm of print marketing simply does not contain these components. Ads don’t move about on the printed page and don’t risk infecting you with a virus.

Inside the Vatican, advertisements are for Catholic authors. Inside the Vatican is an independent and comprehensive magazine reporting on the Catholic Church and everything inside the Vatican. Ten (10) issues are released annually for paying subscribers.

Around 100,000 Catholic and non-Catholic readers in the US, Canada, Australia, India, Italy, the UK, Europe, and Asia read its international publication. The magazine is the biggest source of Catholic news relative to its scope.


  • The ad aims to promote your book to Catholic readers, including church leaders.
  • The magazine will adjust the release of your ads based on its current publication theme.
  • The ad educates the buyer about your story.


  • Free in-house ad design
  • Ad placement and custom layout
  • Ad inserts in the physical copy of the magazine and online appearance
  • Full color for all ads
  • An email blast to exclusive readers


Reach influential people and public figures who are important in the Church’s various decision-making processes by advertising with Inside the Vatican.

The Pope, Vatican officials, cardinals and bishops from across the world, Holy See embassies, the U.S. State Department, and Catholic leaders in politics and industry are among the magazine’s readers. Its universal appeal ensures that your advertisement is seen by a wide range of people.

Note: With this comprehensive marketing service, authors may select whether they want their advertisement to appear in just one issue of the magazine in a particular month or, for a cheaper monthly fee, in all 10 issues that are issued during the year.