CBS Radio Interview on People of Distinction

People of Distinction is a platform for professional and even enthusiast authors to engage in a genuine discussion and learn from and with them on inspirations, themes, and narratives from blossoming authors.

With the CBS Radio Interview, authors can reach more readers, which may increase sales. Take part in the CBS Radio Interview to become a notable guest on one of the most renowned radio shows in the country. Al Cole Enterprises, which has a huge network of well-known celebrities, including The Huffington Post’s founder, Arianna Huffington, manages the radio program.

People of Distinction, hosted by Benji Cole, Al Cole’s son, is the ideal platform for authors who want to widen their readership. Benji Cole is a Los Angeles actor and filmmaker who will conduct interviews with the guest authors.

Owing to Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global Network, which attracts millions of viewers, People of Distinction, one of the largest and most diverse radio programs in the United States, delivers great market visibility to authors. The radio show is broadcast on the Professional News/Talk channel of Apple’s iTunes Radio Network, which also includes CBS Radio, Fox News, NPR, and C-Span.

How It Works:

  1. The Citi of Books author will engage in the radio show in a pre-recorded interview. It will be broadcast on the CBS Radio, Fox News, NPR, and C-Span stations that make up Apple’s iTunes Radio Network (Professional News/Talk). Furthermore, listeners may access each interview at the moment it airs by visiting this website:
  2. Within four (4) days of the recording, the author will receive a copy of the MP3 file of the recorded interview. Each interview will air seven (7) days after it was recorded at 8 PM (ET) on the scheduled day.
  3. For the interview, four (4) timeslots are offered by Citi of Books for authors to choose from: Wednesday and Thursday from 1 PM to 8 PM (ET). The professionals of People of Distinction will then determine the ideal period for a specific author. Interviews will be conducted via Skype or one of the call-in phone lines for the show.

This extensively broadcast talk show has already conducted interviews with 2,000 of the most remarkable people in America over the past few years, including NBC producer Ken Corday and former CBS Morning News anchor Bill Kurtis. Authors who land a spot on this radio interview program will undoubtedly reach millions of listeners who could end up being book customers courtesy of CBS’ prominence and extensive national reach.

Don’t miss the chance to introduce your book to the world by becoming the next remarkable guest on People of Distinction today.