Copy Editing

$0.0133 / Word

These copy editing services will edit your book professionally. Through our excellent copyediting service, our trained editors will make sure that every word you have written supports your objectives as an author. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and visual presentation will all be reviewed in your work. Additionally, you may keep an eye on the edits we will be making to your text in order to maintain transparency and keep you informed. Our copyediting service will carefully examine your manuscript for the following things:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Usage
  • Structure
  • Flow
  • Other Issues with Style

If necessary, our resident copy editor may additionally revise your document in order to improve its wordiness, transitions, and style. Inconsistencies in spelling, capitalization, font choice, numerical placement, and hyphenation will also be corrected. In addition, we will look for inconsistencies within the plot, character descriptions, and settings of the story itself.

Our copy editor works to ensure that your book exits the production stage error-free as your publishing partner. Ultimately, our copy editing service’s main goal is to help you convey your narrative as effectively as possible.

Our editor carefully examines the technical component of your book while maintaining its concepts and plotline throughout the process. This approach focuses on both the minor and significant details of your book. The editor will also look for sentences that are factually inaccurate. This is a critical stage of copy editing for nonfiction books.

This stage is carried out following the completion of all other types of edits and comes just before publishing. This process often entails detailed edit, where your manuscript is evaluated line by line, and manuscript criticism, when the editor reads your manuscript and creates a thorough evaluation.