Essential Online Marketing Tools

Cost-effective marketing strategy that maximizes sales.

Citi of Books leverages the potential of the internet to help your book reach a wider audience in both domestic and foreign markets. We level the playing field for all of our authors by utilizing the power of the internet, and we greatly increase the exposure of your book within the literary community.

The trendiest and most effective form of promotion is online marketing. Nearly all businesses that provide goods and/or services make use of the internet. The Internet is used for a wide variety of tasks, from complicated trades to easy household tasks. By using a smartphone to access the Internet, you can meet your needs. This setting is not only approachable but also appealing. As a result, you have complete freedom to conduct your errands at any time.

Digital marketing tools, often known as “online marketing”, come in a vast variety. Consequently, there are numerous techniques to promote a good or service. Online advertising is a cutting-edge method that is remarkably effective.

You may mix and match the best and most effective services for your book. Or better yet, get everything for a guaranteed result.

Blog Tour Service
By using our blog tour service, authors get the opportunity to meet their devoted readers in person and talk about what drives them to the same destination by using our blog tour service. In addition to their own readership, this package gives authors the chance to be discovered online by bloggers and their supporters.

One strategy to enhance your book’s sales potential and reach the correct audience is to enlist the expertise of well-known book bloggers. The influence of the publicists and book bloggers with whom Citi of Books has partnered will undoubtedly drive traffic to your work.

Amazon Look Inside and Google Preview
Utilize the chance to be recognized by using our Google Preview and Amazon “Look Inside” programs. Readers can use these tools to obtain a preview of your book when they use the search engines on Amazon or Google.

Through a navigation bar and the table of contents, users can search for particular terms inside your text to sample some preview pages of your work. Giving readers a preview of your book is essential to stimulating their interest, keeping them reading, and ultimately persuading them to purchase a copy of your work.

Google Marketing
With the help of our Google Marketing service, you can increase the visibility of your book to your intended audience. With this platform, you may attract consumers specifically based on factors like address, age, language, audience interest, subject, keywords, and even particular Google network websites.

If you have the correct marketing plan, Google, the most popular search engine on the world wide web, may draw a lot of attention to your book. The track record of Citi of Books’ utilization of the Google search engine to successfully promote books is remarkable.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
The internet exposure that your book deserves is increased via Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Technical and creative components of SEO are required to boost the search ranking of your title, generate traffic to your author’s website, and broaden the visibility of your book across search engines.

In SEO, content is paramount. By using the best content marketing strategies, we ensure that your book receives the greatest amount of internet visibility in accordance with this philosophy. This gives you a high degree of assurance that your work will reach the audience you have in mind.

Online Booksellers Campaign
We’ll launch a powerful advertising campaign for your book on the two biggest online retailers in the world, Amazon, and other major online retailers. With 183 million unique users visiting the site each month, Amazon is one of the world’s biggest online retailers. More often than any other website, Amazon is where the majority of US consumers begin their web searches.

The distributor’s portal is used by more than 40,000 booksellers, teachers, and librarians worldwide to conduct online book searches and place orders.

Every day, 14,000 different users come to the website.

Advanced Web Design
We, at Citi of Books, work hard to establish a powerful online presence for our authors with a dedicated website available to millions of readers worldwide. Our web experts are always working to produce the greatest site design for your book and author brand.

By linking your author’s website to online bookstores, reading groups, and author groups, we help you build your network and promote your work to other professionals. The opportunities are endless and seizing this moment will undoubtedly boost sales of your book.