See why Authors love Citi of books

Citi of Books is not just a publishing and marketing company but also a companion that helps authors publish their works. A journey may be long, challenging, and rocky, but COB will make sure it’s fulfilling. Take it from some of our authors and join them in making their dreams a reality.

I am pleased and proud to recommend the Citiofbooks  publishing co. as extremely reliable, efficient, caring and professional. I have had nothing but excellent communications and efficient and effective production and promotion activity in dealing with them. They have produced and promoted four books for me in the past six months and guided and assisted me in getting them all on a new super website selling all of them on a beautiful platform supported by a book trailer video for each one. They are actually amazing in what they do and they do what they say. In fact sometimes they do more than what you might expect. I am very HAPPY with them.

What do you do when you have written something you want people to read and enjoy? Unfortunately, you are selling yourself short if you just find someone to accept, design and publish your work, for a fee, without believing in it and putting it on the shelfs, of as many bookstores as possible. This process takes us to the core of being a writer---do you believe in your work. If you do, who else believes in it as strongly as you do? I found Citi of Books, who does just that. Just when I began to waiver, Citi of Books called me on the phone, expressing their belief in my book, and in me. 
Since then, they have walked me through the labyrinth of obstacles to educate, create and support my bewilderment; throwing me a life-line to help my escape the anxieties of the publishing machinery. I suddenly believed it was possible to find the open space amidst the twist and turns of inexperience. They encouraged me, which began a new confidence in my writing. So, please find a service that does this. I would start with Citi of Books before you seek others. Their team got me out of the labyrinth of discouragement, which destroys many writers.

I was delighted to be part of this publishing company, the Citi of Books. Working with these folks is just amazing. I mean, they are so creative, patient, and have the initiative to work with aspiring authors like me. I suggest Citi of Books to people who want their work to be professionally done. They have incredible services that I can assure you are worth the investment.

There's no money put into waste with them. I was truly hesitant at first, but I was glad that I gave it a shot. They have a sense of courtesy and compassion, particularly for authors like me, who are on a tight budget. However, that wasn't an issue because they were able to match it with their excellent services. Great!

Very responsive and professional to work with. They have no hesitation telling you what the industry is like, and what the real work is needed for a book project. In the process, I ended up learning about the writing and publishing world. Thank you.

At first, I had serious reservations about going public with my book for some time. I have tried different publishing companies before and seen no progress at all. I didn't realize what I missed out on regarding my book. I was a little bit discouraged; I admit. But here goes the Citi of Books. They couldn't be more helpful to me.

The people are so warm and professional. They were able to walk me through the things that I needed to improve or change in my book. The way they handle the tasks is very punctual. I never imagined how responsive their team were. The communication is there and the way you want your book to be is truly achievable. I can really say that they live up to your expectations, which is really a good thing.

What I like about Citi of Books is the way they handle their clients and customers with care. They are not simply carrying out the task, but they are also doing it by heart. As a start-up author, they helped me a lot in realizing my goals and needs in anticipation of my book being published. If you are still an onset author like me, I recommend Citi of Books Publishing because they really go the extra mile. They do things beyond what they ought to do. Well done!

Dr. Darrell Tolbert

Chief Hacha Kusso