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The visibility of books and their chances of being found by more readers are increased by book reviews. On some websites, books with more reviews have a higher chance of being promoted to prospective readers and purchasers than those with fewer or no reviews.

The professional reviewers and editors that make up the US Review of Books (USRB) accept all books for examination regardless of their themes. As a part of its free monthly newsletter, book reviews are sent to subscribers.

Your book is also listed in the publication’s “Featured Book Reviews” section on the USRB online, where it can be submitted for the Eric Hoffer Award. As a tribute to American philosopher Eric Hoffer, the literary award-giving organization was founded in 2005 and honors “writing of significant merit,” “salient writing,” and “the independent spirit of small publishers.”

The US Review of Books (USRB) evaluates every eligible book that is published without making any judgments based on the author or publisher of the work. As a result, both traditionally and independently published works receive the same amount of consideration, giving them access to a fair and reliable assessment that increases their competitiveness.

The US Review of Books sets itself apart from other online publications in a number of ways, one of which being the establishment of expert book reviewing knowledge. Each reviewer, dispersed across the country, offers a distinctive perspective while abiding by the stringent guidelines spelled out beneath our newspaper’s header. Then it is followed by a list of several of our editors and reviewers along with their contact details. Reviews are a great way to determine the caliber, significance, and applicability of a book. Work reviews help a book get the word out and spark interest. Reviews let readers learn more about the author and entice them to read more of their works.

By posting the reviews on its recent reviews website, in a newsletter sent to more than 18,000 subscribers, and by sharing them with its social media followers, USRB additionally raises awareness of your work. The turnaround time for reviews is 3–4 weeks for the Silver service and 10 days for the Gold Plus service following receipt of a copy of the book.

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