Illustration Service

Personalized illustration services to make your book come to life.

With Citi of Books, you can use our selection of book illustration services to bring your book to life. Our illustration packages provide authors who wish to enhance their books with straightforward or three-dimensional graphics with specific artwork alternatives that are ideal for children’s books (but not limited to this genre).

Our illustrators and graphic designers can produce and deliver one-of-a-kind works of art that most accurately reflect how you envision your story. Depending on the style of artwork you want in your book, choose from one of our packages below.

Illustration PackageBasicIntermediateAdvanced
Simple Illustration
Depth and Dimension
3D Feel
1 Illustration$199$229$299
10 Illustration$1,799$2,199$2,799
20 Illustration$2,499$3,599$4,599
Basic Illustration

Our Basic Illustration package is ideal for you if you wish to add simple illustrations to your book. Our artists’ straightforward graphic depictions will help you bring your imagination to life.

outline drawing
outline color drawing
Intermediate Illustration

With the help of our Intermediate illustration package, you may turn your ideas into two-dimensional sketches. This gives your readers a richer visual experience and a means to easily picture the characters, setting, and mood of the story.

2d illustration drawing
2d illustration drawing
2d illustration drawing
Advanced Illustration

Get our Advanced package, which includes a 3D effect, for images for your book that are more realistic and colorful. It gives your book’s visual representation a superior level of accuracy and gives readers a reading experience that is extremely lifelike.

3d effect illustration
3d effect illustration
3d effect illustration

Avail of any of our book illustration services today by calling one of our author advisors at 1-877-389-2759.

Note: Authors are free to provide their own graphics or illustrations. The prices shown above are subject to change without notice.