Patricia lived her life in the shadow of her beautiful sister, shielded by loving parents in peaceful and mostly uneventful existence. She brushed off any chance of being wife and mother as years were passing. Involvement in community affairs, helping her sister with two small children, and taking care of her mother’s garden didn’t give her much time to think about personal fulfillment.

While entertaining her niece and nephew, she discovered her literary talent and became a successful children’s author. And then everything changed. Out of nowhere, three men started to compete for her attention. That put her in a situation she didn’t want to be–childish illustrator, cold businessman, and what was devastating her own brother-in-law.

Overwhelmed by pressure to make a decision that will save her sister’s marriage, Patricia with a heavy heart agreed to marry a man who could never be able to give her any sort of normal relationship, but she will be able to take care of his three motherless children. That was the best possible outcome to fulfil her dream of being a mother. Moving far away in the West was just happy addition to an impossible situation. Her new home was nothing she was used to. And the complicated history of her new husband’s extended family intertwined with lies, betrayal, selfishness, and greed hit too close to her own family’s past regarding her parents’ and grandparents’ unhappy lives.

The new people she encountered became good friends and bitter enemies. Enjoying the children, making friends, and getting to know her husband better as days passed, she started to respect him and slowly against better judgment love him. A different picture of her future was possible, but she didn’t dare to hope for it. The life in front of her was full of possibilities. Will it be one of happiness or misery?

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