Los Angeles Times Print Advertisement

Self-published authors may have thought that print advertising is no longer successful and that digital promotion is the only viable option.

However, by accepting these fallacies, you restrict the effectiveness of your marketing plan. The print has several unique benefits that other mediums cannot match.

The Los Angeles Times is the largest urban daily newspaper in the nation. They connect with distinct, powerful, and varied audiences from a range of generations, demographics, tastes, and passions.

The LA Times uses innovative narrative, first-rate reporting, and responsible journalism to advocate for change and bring the truth to the frontline. They have 1.7 million print readers on Sundays and 1.2 million daily readers in the United States.

The Times of Southern California has been covered by the Pulitzer Prize-winning Times for more than 139 years.

Why L.A. Times?

  • It reaches distinct, affluent, and diverse audiences of multiple generations, demographics, preferences, and interests.
  • It has a large portfolio of multiplatform products, services, and targeted solutions.
  • 140 years. 49 Pulitzers. 1 iconic brand. Zero days missed.
  • Produces 70+ events annually.
  • Brings truth to power through creative storytelling, original reporting, and accountability. journalism that impacts lives and pushes change.
  • One of the most cited news publishers by other media organizations and frequently the most discussed on social, all day, every day.
  • Committed to delivering innovative experiences across all platforms.
  • We are the power on your side.


1/8 Page

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  • The ad measures 4.92″ x 5.25″
  • Occupies three columns of the magazine

Full Page

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  • The ad measures 10″ x 21.5″
  • Occupies six columns of the magazine

Proof of Copy

  • The LA Times will send an electronic version of the magazine to the authors.
  • The arts and book sections run every Sunday.


Compared to online commercials, print advertisements have a higher chance of being seen frequently. Repeated exposures are permitted since the newspaper or magazine may be kept on a table or rack at a place of work or residence. Flyers, brochures, and other printed materials are frequently read several times and circulated to additional prospects.

Print media, in contrast to digital messaging, remains visible after making an impression. It accumulates, causes clutter, and is afterward read again, even before recycling or discarding. You stand to gain from having your advertisement seen by more people more frequently due to its long shelf life.