The Top Published Author Interview

As an independent author, it is both your challenge and your limitless liberty to use all of the resources at your disposal to promote both your author brand and your book. This is a fantastic way to get your name out there and create an impression on potential readers.

In most cases, it takes work and dedication to be regarded as a “top,” whether in the performing or writing industries.

The Top Published Author Interview can help you advance your literary career. With this custom-made author interview, you can advance your career and see your author brand flourish. With the help of our professional producer and videographer, this potent marketing service provides you with the opportunity to let people discover more about your work through a recorded video. You can respond to a series of questions that we have prepared by going on camera. To ensure a seamless flow, the experts will assist you as well.

Your interview will be recorded, and some b-roll footage will be taken. One of our professional video editors will creatively edit the material to create a final clip that lasts between three (3) and five (5) minutes.

Video editing, screenplay composing, data collection, and advanced products are all included in the Top Published Author Interview.

  • The video can be formatted for TV or movie production, so it can be used according to the material required by the author.
  • The author may attend an event or run his/her own. We will create the necessary promotional campaign by highlighting you and your group or doing a sizzle reel.
  • We will distribute the video material to 10+ video sharing sites, including YouTube and DailyMotion.
  • This service comes with two rounds of editing at no extra cost.
  • You will keep the copyright licenses for your video production.
  • A web link to the final product will be made available for sharing with your contacts and network.
  • We will be posting on your Author Personal Website as part of this package.

Notes: To get the Top Published Author Interview, the author must consider the following:

  • The author’s book(s) is/are published by COB.
  • A positive book review from the Kirkus Review, US Review of Books, Pacific Book Review, and/or Hollywood Book Review have been written about the author’s book(s).
  • COB Platinum Book Distinction

Disclaimer: Interviews taking place in the metropolitan region are included in the price; interviews taking place outside of these locations, more than 10 miles from our partner’s studio, or in the UK, Australia, or Canada may be subject to an extra transportation tax. A release for the location must be obtained if you want to be shot in a public setting; otherwise, video cannot be taken there.