Book Returnability Program

Boost your presence in physical bookstores by offering book returnability. With the help of our Book Returnability Program, bookstores will be more likely to accept your book and give it a spot on their shelves. By registering for this program, you give us permission to mark your book as “Returnable” on our distributors. It should be noted that returnability does not promise that a specific bookshop will order and stock your title, but it is a proven approach to ensure that no bookseller will be hesitant to place your book on their shelves.

Bookstores rely on the expectation of being able to return unsold books and receive credit. This is known as the Bookstore Returnability Program, in which bookstores first purchase two or three copies of your book to determine whether or not it will sell before purchasing a number of bundles. Your book’s chances of being purchased by bookstores increase if it is categorized as returnable.

One of the difficulties that independent authors encounter is persuading bookstores to sell their books. Popular authors frequently triumph in the struggle for a spot on bookstore shelves. The assurance that a marketing strategy is in place to move your book into the market is one factor many bookstores take into account when carrying a book.

If that is so, booksellers will consider your book’s returnability as well. It has helped numerous independent authors persuade bookstores to put their books on the shelf.

The Citi of Books Bookstore Returnability Program (BRP)

Many authors have been able to overcome a significant challenge that usually prevents them from having their work on bookstore shelves owing to the Bookstore Returnability Program. For bookstores, this scheme offers a form of insurance. Bookstores will order and sell your work as part of a program that safeguards their investment in your book until it is returnable through our distributor. This takes care of any concerns you might have about what to do with your unsold books because BRP guarantees they can return your book and get their investment back.