The New York Times (NYT) Print Advertisement

Print advertisements are seen as having more authority and reliability. Print advertising is sometimes seen as being more credible and influential than digital advertising since paper and ink are tangible, solid materials.

The “fine print” may be small on a paper advertisement, but it is still visible to the reader without having to navigate a confusing website.

Contrary to what many people believe, print advertising is still relevant in the digital age. Print advertisements paired with digital communication can greatly increase the effectiveness of your message because print has advantages that digital does not.

People who subscribe to magazines consciously choose to re-edit, thus they carefully read every page. In contrast, online users browse a webpage for just a few seconds.

Everyone who reads a print magazine is fully aware that advertisements are a part of the content, thus your book will undoubtedly be seen by everyone who does. High brand recall Print advertisements have the best receptivity of any medium, which means readers are more likely to remember them. Longevity Print advertisements will continue to run even after an online or TV advertisement has ended.

The New York Times (NYT) Sunday Book Review is the weekly paper-magazine supplement to the New York Times, which appears in the Sunday edition. The New York Times gives clients access to an audience of powerful and prominent consumers that is unmatched. Its brand has traditionally stood for respectability, reliability, and distinction. By doing so, you may not only see your advertisement on a website with high-quality material, but you also increase the likelihood that people will identify your book with the publication’s reputation.

The advertisement will be directed at your target market—the book readers—by The New York Times Sunday Book Review. Compared to other marketing platforms, magazines have a more specialized focus.

Pass-Along Visibility
In public places like coffee shops or libraries, print has a better chance of being handed from one person to another, giving your advertisement more exposure.

Legitimacy and Credibility
When your book is advertised in a national magazine like the NYT Sunday Book Review, readers treat your book with greater respect than they would if they saw it in a lesser-known publication.

High Brand Recall
Print advertisements have the highest receptivity of any medium, which means that readers are more likely to recall them.

Even after an online or TV campaign has run its course, print advertising will continue to be effective.

Full-Page Ad
A full-page advertisement featuring 12 books as well as a 1/5-page advertisement featuring 3 books will feature your book’s cover, synopsis, and price.

Media Campaign
A press release or blog post about your book will also be distributed to internet media, print magazines, and broadcast media along with the print advertisement.

Ad Size and Dimension
The full-page advertisement is 9.6″ by 10.875″ and takes up five magazine columns. The 1/5-page advertisement is 1.8″ x 10.875″ in size and takes up the magazine’s vertical side.

Print Ads Versus Online Ads
Anti-ad views are a common challenge for online marketers. Ad blockers are typically used by internet users to stop unwanted advertisements from appearing on their screens without their permission. This causes your brand’s online advertising to be less visible.

Today, leverage the power of this unique opportunity from one of this field’s most prestigious and prominent magazines. These sizes are used to classify this service:

Size TypeRates (Black and White)Dimensions (Width x Depth)
Standard Sizes
Full Page$71,6259 ¾” x 13 ⅜”
Three Columns$57,8757 ¼” x 13 ⅜”
Junior Page$52,1257 ¼” x 10″
Two Columns$42,3754 ¾” x 13 ⅜”
Half-Page Horizontal$42,3759 ¾” x 6 ⅝”
One Column$23,3752 ¼” x 13 ⅜”
Quarter-Page Square$23,3754 ¾” x 6 ⅝”
One Column Inch$4,3402 ¼” x 1″
Premium Charges
Center Spread$8,25020 ¼” x 13 ⅜”
Cover 2$21,000Full page
Cover 4$11,250Full page
First Full Right-Hand Page$7,000Full page
Second Full Right-Hand Page $6,000 Full page$6,000Full page
Third Full Right-Hand Page$5,000Full page
Color Charges (15% of open rate)