Special Stockpiling

Increase the book’s market reach. Your book will be stocked in bookstores, including independent bookstores, with the help of our Special Stockpiling service. This increases the visibility of your work by making your title accessible to readers and educational establishments alike.

Although authors now increasingly publish on digital platforms, most authors still consider having a physical presence in bookstores and libraries to be the pinnacle of literary success. An author’s legitimacy is established when their name appears on bookshelves. However, it can be difficult for authors to pitch a book to bookstores because they take a book’s marketability, returnability, and quality into account.

Citi of Books enables authors to overcome obstacles to get their books into physical bookstores with our Special Stockpiling service. This is how it goes:

  1. Call the company to take advantage of the Special Stockpiling service if you are an author* who has already published a book with Citi of Books.
  2. For confirmed placement, Citi of Books will pitch the book to affiliated brick-and-mortar bookstores**.
  3. The shipping and other associated fees for the books*** will be covered by the author before they are delivered to our partnered outlets.
  4. There will be a guarantee for extra copies after the initial shipment of three copies of a specific title.
  5. After being accepted by the bookstore, the books will be displayed and the bookseller will receive 10% of sales, with the author receiving the remaining 90%.
  6. Sales period for the books will last up to twelve (12) months. For the unsold copies, the author has two options:
    • Allow the bookstore to donate the unsold inventory, or
    • Have the books shipped back at the author’s own expense.



*Eligible authors are only those who have previously published a book(s) with Citi of Books.

**Our partner bookstores for the Special Stockpiling service are located in the U.S. only.

***A minimum order of 1000 copies will be guaranteed per title.