Blog Posting Campaign with Google and Social Media Sites

A large-scale blog campaign that boosts sales.

Major literary blog sites’ blog posting coverage will be exceptionally helpful to authors hoping to break through in the publishing industry. With links readily available and less delay in distribution, blog articles are a practical way to increase recognition for your business online.

Many authors just hope that marketing their novels can be accomplished magically. That would allow them to devote more time to writing books rather than attempting to market them. Unfortunately, book marketing is trickier than it seems, but there might be a solution in the form of a successful blog series. is a blog site that Citi of Books (COB) runs for authors who have published with us. It’s a fantastic forum for generating interest in and sales of your book. The website has a Top Published Author Interview section where readers can learn more in-depth, personal information about authors.

The Top Published Author Interview provides readers with a concise summary of an author’s biography, the body of work, and relevant behind-the-scenes information. Furthermore, by piquing readers’ attention both before and after your book is published, the blog site helps spread the word about your work.

The posted blogs on the COB blog site will be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The Citi of Books blog site is certain to assist your work in appealing to a different audience because of the huge variety of readers who are knowledgeable and interested in both the fictional and non-fictional titles we publish. The website also gets a lot of traffic from many sources, such as social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and search engines like Google.

30-Day Campaign60-Day Campaign90-Day Campaign120-Day Campaign
Duration1 month2 months3 months4 months
Frequency2-3 blog articles/week2-3 blog articles/week2-3 blog articles/week2-3 blog articles/week


  • Two rounds of free revision
  • Free posting on Citi of Books Press’ Facebook and Twitter profiles
  • Distribution across thousands of audiences
  • Search engine optimization
  • Author forum distribution