Data Entry

$0.011 / Word

We deliver dependable data entry services.

One of the most important steps in publishing your book is to turn your manuscript into a digital file that is ready to be published. However, the task might occasionally seem overwhelming, especially if your work is lengthy and includes hundreds of pages. At Citi of Books, we help those who want to become published authors by providing them with data entry services that are reasonably priced.

With the help of this service, authors can convert their manuscripts to electronic files. Our typist provides excellent assistance that is also dependable and efficient.

Our data entry process:

  • Submit a copy of your manuscript to Citi of Books through email with no edits or marks of any sort. You can edit the digital version of your manuscript after this step.
  • We will check the material for errors in data and spelling.
  • You will receive a copy of your manuscript via email in.doc format (MS Word) with instructions on how to review the material against the original version.
  • We will give you time to edit the material and make necessary changes to its formatting.
  • After reviewing the material, send the manuscript back to us in order to start the publishing process.

Our Data Entry Service Includes:

  • Image/PDF to Word conversion
  • Image/PDF to Excel conversion
  • Data sorting
  • Data typing
  • Web research