Leverage the LA Times Festival of Books series of events to your best marketing campaign potential.
The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, one of the largest and most renowned book festivals in the whole United States, gathers more than 150,000 book and media enthusiasts each year.
There will be more than 200 exhibitors, including themed areas, offering books and products for sale, as well as programs and giveaways. Besides, there will be live entertainment, food trucks, and an independent author pavilion showcasing a range of indie authors and books.

Book Gallery

A title showcase for books published by Citi of Books is called Book Gallery. It is a physical exhibition of the author’s book with other books from different genres with the goal of increasing the book’s exposure to a larger audience.

  • 1 Print Title on Display
  • 5 copies of paperback books available for sale during the gallery
  • Blog Feature on Citi of Books Press’ Website
  • Citi of Books Press’ Social Media Feature