Audiobook Service

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The best audiobook service can turn your non-fiction or fictional work into spoken words.

With the help of our audiobook service, you may reach more people who don’t read. Many people around the world may be too busy to read several hundred pages a week. People who are visually impaired have an impossible battle when it comes to reading. Therefore, audiobooks are excellent for them. As a result, we are providing this kind of service to authors who want to cater to this expanding market niche.

With over 12,500 cumulative star reviews and more than 10,000 hours of experience behind the microphone, our in-house audiobook narrator is the best in her field. Our narrator, the voice behind businesses like IKEA, Disney, Nike, Ford, HBO, and many more, has a flexible voice approach that allows him or her to change the rhythm, pacing, emotion, plot, variety of characters, and other voice talents. Furthermore, a mastery of technical and sound engineering skills comes as a natural talent.

Audiobook boosts your readership.

Transform your written words into spoken ones. Our service is the finest audiobook provider in the business, and it was created to leverage the rising popularity of audiobooks in the US and other nations.

Audiobooks have gained popularity among readers of all ages as a result of the widespread use of digital tools like smartphones and smart speakers. According to statistics, 193 million people, or 68% of the US population aged 12 and over, listen on a monthly basis—an increase of 1 million from 2020. Weekly internet audio listening is estimated to be 176 million, or 62% of the US population aged 12 and up. This is a record high for this category, with 7 million more people, or 60% more than in 2020. The number keeps increasing as more audiobooks are created each year.

It is evident what benefits audiobooks have. Finding the time to read a book in the short amount of time we have might be challenging in our fast-paced lifestyle. However, this way of living shouldn’t prevent individuals from reading books or enjoying fiction. Your readers can continue to read your work while listening to audiobooks without putting off important work at home or at the workplace. While taking the train to work, cooking in the kitchen, doing laundry, or even cleaning the house, they can listen to audiobooks. For people who frequently travel, the added luxury of not needing to carry a physical book is beneficial.

Audiobooks have been shown to enhance your readers’ listening abilities, increase their vocabulary, teach them how to pronounce words correctly, and increase their comprehension in a more personal way. More importantly, listening to audiobooks can help readers learn more quickly than reading the texts and can draw attention to actual emotions that are otherwise missing from the text. Audiobooks may be the only source of information for people who are visually impaired.

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