Book Indexing Service

For authors, book indexing services are crucial. Consider using book indexing services if you need an index. There are several advantages and conveniences to having an index made for your book by a professional. The procedure is well-known to experts that operate indexing services.

You may be confident that your book is in good hands with these professionals. You won’t have to search far and wide for assistance, which is the finest aspect of using indexing services. You’ve found the proper site if you’re seeking experts to help you with your book’s indexing.

First and foremost, we are the finest place to find an indexing professional. Second, we have several contacts that guarantee you will always receive the best. Finally, we are a great place to start looking for a specialist you might be able to work with on a long-term basis.

Our book indexing service improves the reading experience for your readers and enables them to look up key information within your book with ease. Our book indexing method pulls the most important information from your text to make readers’ information searches quick and simple.

This service is available in two (2) categories:

Citi of Books Supplied

The index for an author’s book can be delivered by our staff, saving them the trouble of having to complete this laborious process. The word count for this choice is divided into three (3) levels:

  • 0-60K words ($0.013 per Word)
  • 60K-120K words ($0.012 per Word)
  • 120K+ words ($0.011 per Word)
Author Supplied

In order to make it easier for readers to locate key information in their books, authors might also decide to provide their own index. Follow these procedures to add an index to your manuscript:

  • Prepare your manuscript in the latest version of Microsoft Word or WordPerfect using its Index tool.
  • Citi of Books will provide you with a paper gallery of your book which will serve as a reference for the index creation. Your index can contain final page numbers. You should save it to a PC formatted disk and submit it as a separate file to Citi of Books.