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Citi of Books is a place where BOOKS are as important as YOU. We started as a small literary boutique in New Mexico, helping several authors publish and market their books in the state and the nearby counties. These are the authors who became part of our company because they dream of publishing or marketing their book and slowly establish a name for themselves starting with their own families, friends and circles of influence. We believe that every writer, every author MUST start somewhere in bringing their books to the readers, after accomplishing the crafting of the story. Ours is as boutique as a literary house can be, but we foster a true literary community to thrive.

Years after, we realize that the small successes of our authors actually mirror what other authors also need who are from beyond our nearby communities. We decided to open our doors to the literary craftsmen and women around the country.

We value the premium quality of service as well as the solid product presented to our authors. Like how we take care of our people, we make sure that it is also the same as the books we publish. We make sure that it is high-quality inside and out. Furthermore, from the rights of the book, its sales, and its royalties to promoting the book, we are ready to go beyond for our authors.

And with this, Citi of Books expanded its range to cater to and evaluate authors who deserve to be in the spotlight. From taking on authors within the state of New Mexico and its neighboring places, we decided to give more opportunities outside as we expanded our scope to the rest of the states in America, and in Canada.

Now, more authors will make their dreams come true, and more books will be produced. Citi of Books is a place of diversity. We’ll grow along with you, and let’s make this city have a brighter future, wiser people, and lighter society. Be part of our community to experience great stories while we continue to thrive for something that is new, innovative, and evolving, right here in Citi of Books.

Citi of Books (COB) is a publishing and marketing company that is located at 3736 Eubank NE Suite A1, Albuquerque, NM 87111-3579 USA. COB’s pursuits are no less than excellence and helping committed and passionate authors who have great dreams — may it be to share their stories, to impart life and academic knowledge, to share God’s Word, and/or other reasons that speak life.

COB provides premium-quality and innovative publishing services that certainly help and answer indie authors’ needs. COB will be with you on this long and challenging yet fulfilling journey – from editing to printing and marketing.

Pursuing the literary world does not end with the publication of your book; it continues with the marketing phase, which has a significant impact on the author’s chosen path. Hence, we don’t stop, we continue until the end.

Book marketing services are as important as publishing ones—this is most often than not known to many, particularly if one is new to the literary world. COB provides quality and excellent marketing services.

Both the publishing and marketing services that COB provides utilize both the conventional and digital worlds, which means we are leveraging every opportunity an author could have.

Why Work With Citi Of Books

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Own 100% of your publishing rights

Authors who self-publish with COB retain 100% of their book publishing rights.

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Lowest suggested retail price

This will guarantee that your book has a competitive price for resale in the market. Moreover, this will encourage more readers to buy your book.

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Earn 80% up to 100% royalties

The strengths of both COB and the author are combined to create the best marketing strategies in the business. You are the sole owner of your book and the profit you make from it.

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You may opt to have a flexible payment scheme

We put your accessibility first and provide rates that fit your budget. We provide a customized payment scheme that accommodates your specific needs. Depending on your financial situation, you can choose to pay in installments and take advantage of discounts on the packages.

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an author-centric approach

COB provides professional and insightful guidance as you go through the book publication process. Everything, from the book’s cover to the editing process to the pricing, is ultimately decided by the authors. Moreover, as part of this approach, we commit to protecting the confidentiality of the personal information of our authors.

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Network of professionals and institutions

Each piece of work produced by our authors is reviewed by competent professionals to ensure its excellence. The marketing of your book is coordinated by a large network of partners. Your target audience will be reached due to the diverse range of connections.

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