Extensive Library Outreach Campaign

Increase the readership of your book with our Extensive Library Outreach Campaign. Libraries are just as effective as traditional and digital media channels as a marketing tool. Your current and potential customers, the book enthusiasts out there, utilize these locations. When your book is distributed through a library outreach program, it has a better chance of being picked up and read.

With its large network of partner libraries, Citi of Books can simply house your masterpieces and make them accessible to readers who are eager to spend hours reading your book. This will save you time and money on promotion. These are the services that our Extensive Library Outreach Campaign provides:

  • Guaranteed extensive pitch of your book to an average of 3000 Collection Development Departments and Acquisition Librarians nationwide (with a focus on your local area or state) for six months
  • Book Feature on Spotlight Ad for Librarian News & Reviews
  • Book assessment from an average of 50 librarians
  • Book display and catalog listing on the next available National Book Fair
  • Bookstore Returnability Program for 24 months

Depending on your preferred location, our professional team of writers will produce a pitch highlighting your book’s appeal to readers from diverse backgrounds and send it to our partner libraries. Once your book has been evaluated by these libraries, it will become more credible and respectable, increasing your level of market awareness.

Note: Before the promotion begins, the book should already be available to be purchased on the market. To qualify for this service, it must receive at least five (5) reviews with a rating of 4.2 or above. We cannot promise that the library will purchase a copy of your book if it does not fit the requirements.