The delivery address for the book copy will vary according to the specific transaction. The author must supply the complete and accurate address at which the book will be delivered. If the author has any questions, particularly if they want to follow the delivery date of their book, they can contact Citi of Books and the Fulfillment Officer who has been assigned to them.

Although Citi of Books endeavors to deliver books on time, we cannot guarantee that all books will be delivered within the specified time frame. Following the completion of your book’s publication, our turnaround time depends on UPS, USPS, and FedEx, which is five (5) to eight (8) working days. If the author has chosen an urgent delivery, and expedited service fee could be charged before the substantial services are delivered.

On the Shipping Information page, you can designate at least one authorized recipient if you are not available in person to accept the delivery of your book. Please take note that a waybill must always be signed by the recipient as proof of delivery and confirmation of receipt. To ensure the safety of the book, the author and/or its designated recipient must adhere to the delivery service provider’s instructions, such as providing an ID.

Your deliverable book copy will have a tracking number assigned to it, and this number will be included in the email that confirms the shipping and delivery status. This can be used to track the progress of the delivery of your book copy.

Please note. All notices to Citi of Books must be sent in writing to its office at 3736 Eubank NE Suite A Albuquerque, NM 87111-3579. All notices to the Author shall be in writing to the address specified by the Author.

Shipping and handling for book copies, if any, are not included in the publishing/marketing package price. Some restrictions may apply.