Kirkus Reviews

The world of books places a great deal of significance on book reviews. Readers should always read the reviews before purchasing any book, especially one written by an unknown or new author. These book reviews enable readers to decide whether the cost of the book they intend to purchase is worthwhile or not.

Due to their great demand, prestige, and distinctiveness, book reviews are crucial. Although generally objective, Kirkus reviews may also be notably critical, so getting a good review from them can be a real challenge for any author.

Credible book reviews raise the profile of your book, which influences how well it is received by readers. In order to increase the visibility of our authors’ books, Citi of Books has been collaborating with notable journals and newspapers to commission unbiased, independent reviews.

Since 1933, Kirkus Reviews has established a reputation as a reliable source of truthful and comprehensible reviews. Since then, it has helped countless authors establish their reputations in the publishing industry by offering fair reviews of a wide range of publications for more than 89 years. The publication has established a reputation as one of the trustworthy sources for book recommendations and reviews that are provided to readers in a weekly newsletter sent out via email and on the publication’s website.

Furthermore, Kirkus Reviews has ten (10) thousand books reviewed per year, fifty-five (55) thousand Kirkus email newsletter subscribers, and fifteen (15) thousand Kirkus magazine circulation.

It provides several book review services, including Kirkus Indie for independent authors. These reviews are also eligible for inclusion in the monthly Kirkus Indie eNewsletter, which showcases the best magazine entries and offers trustworthy recommendations to readers. Agents, editors, and librarians are just a few of the subscribers who receive the eNewsletter.