Press Release Service

Guaranteed exposure to the target audience.

Press releases are a fantastic way to gain instantaneous exposure for your book from a publication or website that already has a strong following of avid readers.

Reach your target audience with this Press Release marketing service, which uses social media campaigns, multi-channel distribution, and tailored connections with hundreds of millions of journalists and influencers waiting to pick up the news about your book.

Utilizing the strength of our connections with the media and extensive distribution network, the Citi of Books (COB) Press Release (PR) team has been offering essential resources to journalists searching for intriguing stories. COB will support you whether you’re looking for a local media source to publish your article or want to reach a wider audience. From the packages we offer below, pick the ideal fit for your PR requirements.

PackageIndustry InfluencersWebsites & BlogsSearch EnginesMagazinesNews AgenciesNewspaperOnlineRadioTelevision
National Newsline
Regional Newsline1
NY State or Metro Newsline2
State Newsline3


  1. The U.S. region in which the author wishes the press release to be posted will determine how the Regional Newsline service is distributed: South, West, Northeast, Midwest
  2. The New York State or Metro Newsline PR distribution is limited either to the state of NY or the Metro area, depending on the author’s preference.
  3. The State Newsline distribution targets press release to a specific state in the U.S. which is of particular interest to the author or the book

In cooperation with National Newsline for wider distribution.

With the help of traditional newsrooms, including news organizations, newspapers, television networks, magazines, and radio stations, our National Newsline Press Release distribution has a wide reach across all 50 states in the U.S. On a wide range of issues, including tourism, entertainment, and public interest, among others, we have also engaged more than 41,000 influencers.

Furthermore, more than 4,000 websites and blogs receive press releases about you and your book through our internet syndication network. Also, our PR staff strives to improve your presence on various search engines.

News Agencies

  • Associated Press
  • Bloomberg
  • Reuters
  • Dow Jones


  • TIME
  • Fortune
  • Inc.
  • U.S. News


  • The New York Times
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Chicago Tribune
  • Los Angeles Times


  • Bloomberg Radio
  • NPR
  • CBS Radio
  • Sirius XM


  • CBS News
  • NBC News
  • Fox News
  • ABC News

Search Engines

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • DuckDuckGo