Translation Services

Your leading choice for quality translation services.

You can connect with new readers by using our translation services in many languages. Whether it’s a biography, poetry collection, or novel, Citi of Books offers book translation services to authors who want to publish their work in multiple languages and appeal to a wide readership.

The most widely used languages in the world, including but not limited to Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, UK English, Modern Standard Arabic, Portuguese, Bengali, Russian, Japanese, and Punjabi, are available for translation services from us. In addition, we can also translate files vice versa.

To ensure that our authors receive only the best translations, we carefully screen all of our expert translators. They take great care to retain and properly proofread their translated documents’ accuracy, clarity, and seamlessness without losing any of their professionalism. Our translators have a great deal of experience working on diverse projects from several important domains. As a result, leading outcomes are always guaranteed.

Breaking the Barrier

Take the language barrier down. No matter where they are in the world, authors can enormously grow their readership with the help of our translation services. We help authors take a significant share of that market. We will be able to complete more translation services with the assistance of our translators’ competence and without having to be concerned about a substandard result.

Your text will be translated using the original language’s grammar and tone. For the purpose of getting the book ready for publication, professional editing and proofreading services are offered.

How It Works:

  • Your work will be delivered to our translators in conjunction with the language or languages you want it translated into.
  • Your work will be manually translated into the language of your choosing in accordance with its natural style and tone, just as if it had been written there originally.
  • Our translators have a well-established reputation in the field and are capable of translating works of any genre.
  • Professional editing and proofreading services are included with the translation to prepare the book for publication.