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Know His Word Bible Study: 1st Quarter




No matter how rewarding an experience, reading the Bible from cover to cover can be a daunting task. Now, author Jennifer B. Price breaks this task into bite-size increments for a fifty-two week enriching journey.

Know His Word Bible Study is a comprehensive, week-by-week instructional teacher and student manual all-in-one, with daily study lessons in each week:

1st Quarter Weeks 1-12 Old Testament: Genesis to Joshua

2nd Quarter Weeks 13-25 Old Testament: Judges to Song

3rd Quarter Weeks 26-38 Old Testament: Isaiah to Malachi

4th Quarter Weeks 39-52 Inter-Testament and New Testament

This easy-to-follow study helps readers connect Biblical events to their counterparts in history by providing chronological notes, vivid maps, inductive study questions, and insightful resource materials.

The integration of charts and narrative guarantees that the text will live up to its title “Know[ing] His Word” …She has done this with verve, with vitality and with a sense of purpose that is in high demand but short supply in the church today. (Foreword)

-Jeffrey L. Seif, Ph.D.

Principal spokesperson, Zola Levit Ministries

Every age group can benefit by this work… families, Sunday Schools, leaders of Biblical Studies, Bible Institutes, colleges, pastors, missionaries… from the youngest to the mature adult. I find Know His Word Bible Study to be one-of-a-kind. (Commendation: Biblical Studies)

-Earline O Allen, d. Min.

Founder & Dean, Greater Emmanuel Bible Institute

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