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Welcome to the Citi of Books Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Page. You will find the most frequently asked questions regarding the company, the services, and other personal orders addressed in the categories below. And if you have questions, clarifications, or inquiries, you may contact the hotline number or submit your questions below.

Learn about Citi of Books

Citi of Books (COB) is a publishing and marketing company that provides quality, efficient services to authors looking to publish and sell their books through our partnered physical bookstores and online marketplaces such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, among others.

Citi of Books established its business in 2022 as a hybrid publishing company to help both seasonal and start-up authors publish their work. The organization has a team of professionals in literature, marketing, and publishing on hand to help authors at every step of the process.

Citi of Books is a reliable publishing company with a physical office in New Mexico.

Citi of Books provides premium-quality and innovative publishing services that certainly help and answer indie authors’ needs. COB will be with you on this long and challenging yet fulfilling journey—from editing to printing and marketing. Aside from that, you will own 100% of your publishing rights, and you will have the creative freedom you wanted to express in your work.

COB offers various packages for book publishing and/or marketing. Depending on which format you want your book to take, services are offered at a lower price. Also, it is guaranteed that your book will have a competitive price for resale in the market. To find out the exact prices, call +1 877-389-2759 for a FREE CONSULTATION with an author advisor.

More about Publishing, Rights, and Marketing

Publishing has two different roads: traditional publishing and self-publishing. Writers who want to become published authors can self-publish with Citi of Books. Self-publishing is a method of distributing media by the creator without the involvement of a traditional publisher. It involves several steps before completion. The first stage is writing the manuscript, followed by editing. The post-publication stage includes book distribution and marketing campaigns. COB provides all these services to authors to ensure the success of a book.

You only need to complete your manuscript, and the rest will be taken care of by COB.

After you submit your manuscript, it will undergo a content evaluation to ensure that it meets the content guidelines for publishing. Our evaluation team will review any materials submitted that may violate the law or human rights, or that are excessively inappropriate or offensive.

Aside from the universal language, which is English, Citi of Books offers translation services in several languages like Spanish, French, and others. To learn more about the offer, call +1 877 389-2759.

Yes. COB not only focuses on writers within the United States but also caters to those outside the country. We have published books written by Indian authors and many more.

Citi of Books publishes a variety of books, ranging from fiction to nonfiction, as long as the work(s) pass the content evaluation.

Yes, certainly. Copyright grants you, the author, an exclusive legal right over your book to secure your ownership of your work. In addition to that, Citi of Books will handle the registration of copyright for your book.

Yes, we will also assign an identification number that distinguishes your work’s title and edition, which is called an ISBN (International Standard Book Number). Furthermore, the book will also be registered with the Library of Congress, which will assign it a number that serves as a unique identifier of your work in the process of cataloging most books.

Book price is determined by the number of pages in your book, the layout, and format of the book, and other factors that may affect its quality and dimensions, such as color and graphics.

Your advisor or fulfillment officer will manage all contact related to your illustration project and will serve as a connection between you and your illustrator. Having the illustrators create full-time is a more convenient and efficient way to manage time and talent, as it maximizes productivity and helps us maintain a high quality of service and product.

COB has not only published books since then but has also marketed and advertised them in a variety of ways. If you look at our services, then go to sales-increasing services, you’ll find a variety of mediums for spreading the word about your book. Following the publication of your book, we will conduct radio interviews with our partnered broadcasting company, among other things.

Yes. We have a program called the Book Returnability Program that will make your book attractive enough to be accepted by booksellers and earn shelf space in bookstores. By signing up for this program, you allow us to designate your book as “returnable” through our distributors. And this is the key to displaying your book in our partnered bookstores.

About Royalties

Authors who published with Citi of Books may earn up to 100% of the royalties by selling your book directly to readers.

Royalties are calculated as the difference between the retail price, trade discount, and production cost (Retail Price – Trade Discount – Production Cost = Royalty). And its final pricing will be determined by the number of pages in your final manuscript.

Royalties are calculated on a calendar-quarter basis. Payments will only be made in those quarters in which the amount due to you, totals at least $50. Unpaid amounts due will accrue until the next quarter, in which the amount was already mentioned.

After your book is released, Citi of Books will send you an email with your login credentials to access our website. Once you receive it and learn how to check your royalty report, you will be able to monitor your direct and indirect reports, along with the total claimable amount for royalties.

Make sure you’ve already checked all the tabs in your electronic inbox, as the email we sent to you may have been lost in your spam or trash, so make sure to check everything. If there’s no email found, you may contact your fulfillment officer and ask for it, or you may call our hotline: +1 877-389-2759.

To claim your royalties, you need to send a royalty claim request, or you can contact our royalty team department at +1 877-389-2759.

Book Orders, Availability, and Distribution

Once published, your book will be available for purchase via online and brick-and-mortar stores. Major distributors include Amazon and Barnes & Noble, in addition to our online bookshop.

Citi of Books uses the print-on-demand method to publish books individually or in bulk, depending on customer orders.

Right after your book is published, the fulfillment officer who is assigned to you will notify you that the author copy will be delivered to your address. However, the delivery fee for the complimentary copies will be borne by the author. Also, for more information, please refer to COB’s delivery policy.

There are ways to order bulk copies of your book. First, you can ask the assigned book fulfillment officer for assistance. Second, you can contact the customer service hotline on the COB website. Lastly, you can order through our online bookstore.

COB ships book orders to both domestic and international destinations. For domestic shipping, it usually takes 5-8 business days or less to deliver the book to your door. However, for international shipments, it’ll take longer, and it depends on your location. In addition, shipping rates may differ per destination, so it is advisable to call our customer service number: +1 877-389-2759

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