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Greyhound Therapy

Author: JR Conway



What an extraordinary action with a great story and a lot of attitudes to remember! I do love the Sheriff’s character because, at the end of the day, he not only proves his responsibility to his town but also proves that he is a great father and a husband. Also, this book has a solid structure of characters that are set as the equalizer of thoughts and ideas throughout the story which equally divides their part for an authentic story. It has a fine direction from which it all started with the relevant points and gradually introduced me to the county of Wyoming and let me experience the struggles and life along it as migration started to peak.

Riley Newman
From Goodreads Review

As a huge reader of contemporary fiction, I can say that this lived up to the standards I have set for it. I am very picky about the books I read, and this one satisfied me in ways that I couldn’t explain. Sheriff Craig Spence was a good character to follow. Looking at the world that the author created through his eyes is an enjoyable experience, especially seeing his growth as a character and as a person!

I didn’t have expectations set for this, and I dove into this book blind. Yet I’m so glad I did because it offered me a story that I will never forget, even in the future. Somehow, Sheriff Craig Spence’s story has moved me in ways no other hero had, and I will give up anything just to read this book for the first time again.

Olivia Ethan
From Goodreads Review

What impact could bus migrants have on law enforcement activities in Wyoming? What will a county sheriff do when faced with mentally ill passengers and criminals from other locations all the meanwhile dealing with the tragedies in his own life? This book is a fast-paced journey of crime fighting, tragic life-changing experiences and mysteries yet to be explained.

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