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After The Ride: Crime and Compassion

Author: JR Conway



After the Ride by JR Conway tells us about the life story of a man called Kenneth Boutros. The horrible and sad circumstances of his life story had brought him into the street and jail. Then, when a devastating situation became unbearable, he was brought into a state mental institution in Northern Colorado. A flock of angels had illuminated the light of hope upon a gloomy life of Kenneth, when the mental institution had able to connect with Bruce Boutros of Farson, Wyoming. He was Kenneth’s relative. Mr. Boutros agreed that when Kenneth was ready to be released, he was welcome to come and settled in his ranch. But the good life was unlikely to happen to Kenneth, when David Cooke, who was a nephew of Mr. Boutros, didn’t want him to live in the ranch. Craig Spence, the longtime Sheriff of Sweetwater County, was so emphatic about the difficult situation of Kenneth. He helped finding a job for this poor guy. And so the angel had brought Carl Tuber, who was very active with the chamber of commerce, to Kenneth’s life.

The part of the story that I like most is when Kenneth could able to land on a good job in the hardware store of Carl tuber, and had been able to be reached out by the SWWRAP, that provided him a place to live, and a doctor who helped for his medication. It gave me satisfaction and peace of mind, when I was sure that one of the protagonist had able to untangle himself from the chain of adverse fate. I was also glad for the people who was so thoughtful and helpful to their fellowmen, like Craig Spence. The part of the story that I like least is when David Cooke refused to honor the agreement between the mental institution and old Boutros that Kenneth could live in the ranch. It made me worried about Kenneth’s future.

This book is best suited to readers who are fun of reading detective stories. They will find it awesome on how the officers conduct an investigation in order to catch people who had been breaching the law. I enjoyed reading this book. I like the way the story was started. It made me delighted to see a bus in a hurry during the last hour of the day. And most of all, it was nice to imagine people going home. They were like weary birds, which were tired of foraging food, going home to their nest. The book described the setting in a creative way and it gave a wonderful ambiance.

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