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The Return: Christ Has Died, Christ Is Risen, Christ Will Come Again




Besieged by terrorism and an alarming abandonment by the faithful, a Vatican gamble is launched to save the Catholic Church!
Aided by unlikely supporters, a young man, raised with Christ-like perfection, appears to simple fishermen on a small Pacific island. The planners, desperate to reawaken Christian belief, are filled with angst and face unintended consequences in their quest for renewed spirituality. A passionate island affair is but one influence on Vatican decisions. Human weakness is tested as catholic dogma is violated and priestly vows collide with human sexuality. A wealthy countess is beset with conflicting goals; spiritual absolution and a long-denied love for a high-ranking member of the Papal staff.
If Christ were to return, how would he appear to us? How would he be greeted? Gail Dawson McNally, author of this thinking person’s thriller, The Return, explores the propriety and a possible outcome of such an audacious effort by mortal man.
Like The Da Vinci Code, The Return delves into the challenge of true belief. Beautifully written and set against an international backdrop that spans Latin America, Rome, Israel, Washington, and more, The Return, with its unforgettable characters, is as provocative as it is entertaining.

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