Life is not a mystery… It is all about what you believe that you are… And that is what you will eventually become… Step by step and day by day… And the key is to focus and have a positive attitude even when others are rude to you… Can you do that? Can you see yourself achieving your dreams… Everything you see starts with a thought… Greatness is hidden within you… Let’s open your eyes to see just that..

This book of 25 poems will challenge you to think about how you are living your life right now… Are you living a natural life or a supernatural life as a believer… The book will ask questions you may have envisioned to know and it will be used to awaken your spirit to God Almighty…

Will you take the time to elevate your thought life or are you like the majority who say they are just too busy for Him right now… Let this book capture your imagination and show you what the heart of a true believer in Christ Jesus looks like…You will become excited and hungry to know the Living God for yourself.. It will entertain your thoughts for good..

This book is irresistible to an open heart and an open mind…But what it won’t do is give you false hope and it can never take the place of reading your Bible… These are merely bullet points to enhance your Bible experience…

Congratulations, we are so proud of the step of faith you are about to take…

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