“Witness” by A. Believer is now available for purchase

The publication of A. Believer’s inspiring book entitled “Witness” was delightfully announced by Citi of Books. This book can now be purchased through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retail outlets.

The author, A. Believer, is a Retired Marine Corps Master Sergeant (20 Years) and Civil Service Management Analyst (27 Years). Born in Upstate New York, he then embarked on a 47-year career with the Marine Corps. He has a bachelor’s degree in Geography from the University of Kansas. Upon leaving Government Service in 2009, I remained in Jacksonville, NC, where I reside today.

In 2013, the author wrote and published a book titled “You Have Got to Be Kidding,” in which he cataloged numerous life events that he believed to be the results of an amazing series of “good luck”. Even though some of these things could have killed him, he lived. Example: Two of the best things that occurred in his life happened on the same day in 1961. A. Believer did not know it at the time, but on that day, he joined the Marine Corps and met his future wife. That was the beginning of a seemingly endless series of events that he attributed to luck, fortune, or fate.

Believer finally realized in 2022 that these events were instances of Divine Intercession or Intervention. He lists the events chronologically and then asks the reader to decide if it was good luck or divine Influence. He finally began to understand Christianity.

“Witness” is a book that contains a series of events that were once considered luck or a result of good fortune but turned out to reflect Divine intervention. God has plans for what’s good or better for us. If you believe in him, he’ll move in so many mysterious ways for your sake.

“Witness” by A. Believer is now available for purchase through the links provided below:

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