The author of the book “Life Notes by a Kentucky Woman: Looking for the High Point (Volume 3),” Sarah Cornett-Hagen was interviewed by the Spotlight TV host, Logan Crawford

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Life Notes by a Kentucky Woman: Looking for the High Point (Volume 3)” by Sarah Cornett-Hagen was featured and interviewed on Spotlight TV with Logan Crawford. They talk about the depths of the author’s inspiration for writing the book.

Sarah Cornett-Hagen is currently residing in Jenkins, Kentucky, just seven miles from her birthplace in Haymond. She recently moved back to Kentucky from Texas. Through big billboards, Jenkins proudly advertises itself as a town “built from coal.”

Her latest published work can be found in the anthology “Poetry as Prayer: Appalachian Women Speak” by Wind, while her tribute to Mt. Ashland, titled “Mountain Lady,” is set to be published in “The Rag.” In August 2004, her poem “Blackberry Heaven” was published in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and in 2003, “Colors of Life” captured the essence of Sarah’s uplifting spirit and found a place in the International Library of Poetry.

Life Notes by a Kentucky Woman: Looking for the High Point (Volume 3)” is a story that details the beginnings of a mountain woman, a coal miner’s daughter, reared in the hills of eastern Kentucky. This volume mainly focuses on her toughness as she faces one of the most heartbreaking events of her life.

Watch the full interview below:

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