“Is That Really in the Bible?” by Cletus McMurty was displayed at the 75th Frankfurter Buchmesse

The 75th Frankfurter Buchmesse, the largest trade show for books, was held every year in Frankfurt, Germany. For worldwide business and trading, it is regarded as the most significant book fair on earth.

The Frankfurt Book Fair celebrated its 75th anniversary, celebrating literary and cultural diversity. With a series of activities prepared, one of the most anticipated this year is the chosen country to be the guest of honor, which is Slovenia. The country will present not just its diverse, unique qualities as an attractive place to travel but also as a country with a rich literary tradition.

This year, Citi of Books joined the largest book fair in the world. We were excited to present books written by our distinguished authors. In our assigned booth, a range of books—from fiction to nonfiction—would be on exhibit. A book included in the gallery was “Is That Really in the Bible? ” by Cletus McMurty.

Has your entire world been crumbling down lately? Do you feel as if suddenly nothing is making sense? All your previous beliefs and ideas are shattered. Do you have any questions related to religion that you dare not ask your local church leader because you fear their disappointment and judgment? The first thing I want to tell you is to never fear. Humans are intrinsically curious beings who need answers to their confusion before they can truly accept something.

In this book, “Is That Really in the Bible?”, you’ll find concepts and theories that are backed up by empirical data as well as my discourses and opinions. This book is not intended to make anyone more religious or change anything for them. The basic reason is to make you much more aware of religion and inspire you to ask all the questions that cross your mind.

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