Two books written by Sidiah Veronica Audifferen and Samuel Akinola Audifferen was displayed at the 75th Frankfurter Buchmesse

The 75th Frankfurter Buchmesse, the largest trade show for books, was held every year in Frankfurt, Germany. For worldwide business and trading, it is regarded as the most significant book fair on earth.

The Frankfurt Book Fair celebrated its 75th anniversary, celebrating literary and cultural diversity. With a series of activities prepared, one of the most anticipated this year is the chosen country to be the guest of honor, which is Slovenia. The country will present not just its diverse, unique qualities as an attractive place to travel but also as a country with a rich literary tradition.

This year, Citi of Books joined the largest book fair in the world. We were excited to present books written by our distinguished authors. In our assigned booth, a range of books—from fiction to nonfiction—would be on exhibit. Two books that are included in the display are “The Greatest Human Deception” and “A Historical Record of Divine Dreams: Powerful and Beneficial Lessons” by Sidiah Veronica Audifferen and Samuel Akinola Audifferen.

Sidiah Veronica Audifferen, the devoted wife of the author, pursues publishing and sharing this masterpiece written by her husband with the readers, even if he’s no longer with us.

Samuel Akinola Audifferen, the author, was born in Nigeria of French, German, and Swiss roots. A product of King’s College, Lagos, Nigeria, he gained various certificates in Biblical Studies. Immigrated to Glasgow, Scotland. obtained a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Paisley, Scotland, and graduated as a certified teacher from St. Andrews College of Education with “Merit in Teaching.”

“The Greatest Human Deception” is certainly one of the most explosive, thought-provoking books of immense proportions and dimensions. Certainly a “Christian classic” and a must-read book beneficial to all.

Using indisputable scientific facts, the author diagnoses the reasons for world problems of health, hatred with wars, and provides the “magic” prescription to cure all individuals and world problems. Argues forcibly that the present educational system of the world is flawed because it is in the “wrong direction” and advocates a “turn around” to the “right type of education.” And inspiration to believers, an eye-opener to unbelievers, a challenge to atheists, agnostics, and the uncommitted.

In the Greatest Human Deception, the existence of God is not an exercise of “Quod Erat Faciendum” but a magnificent and colossal statement of “Quod Erat Demonstratum” (that which has been proven or demonstrated). A grand philosophical edifice, cemented with scientific facts.

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