Author Michael Franklin Varro Jr. signed his book “Stories from the Boxcar: A Spiritual Journey” during the 75th Frankfurt Book Fair

The 75th Frankfurter Buchmesse, the largest trade show for books, was held every year in Frankfurt, Germany. For worldwide business and trading, it is regarded as the most significant book fair on earth.

The Frankfurt Book Fair celebrated its 75th anniversary, celebrating literary and cultural diversity. With a series of activities prepared, one of the most anticipated this year is the chosen country to be the guest of honor, which is Slovenia. The country will present not just its diverse, unique qualities as an attractive place to travel but also as a country with a rich literary tradition.

This year, Citi of Books joined the largest book fair in the world. We were excited to present books written by our distinguished authors. In our booth, one of the authors who were invited to sign dozens of copies of their book, Michael Franklin Varro Jr., the author of the book “Stories from the Boxcar: A Spiritual Journey,” was one of them.

Frank Varro, author of “Stories from the Boxcar,” is a retired Methodist pastor, prison and hospice chaplain, missionary, teacher, counselor, and musician. He is from a three-generation family of Chinese missionaries. This ‘Quilogy’ (five books in one) is the story of his paternal Hungarian-immigrant heritage and his maternal-missionary heritage. It relates to his father’s boyhood home—a boxcar on a siding in Regina, Saskatchewan—from which came his father’s many stories and life’s lessons, which is the theme of Dr. Varro’s book—pictures of his own life, struggles, victories, and detours along the way.

Frank Varro enthusiastically interacted with the book fair goers. He joyfully signed a hundred copies of his book that he gave to anyone who visited our booth. His upbeat personality brought fun and excitement to the staff and book lovers.

“Stories From the Boxcar: A Spiritual Journey” is based on true stories, actual history, and oral tradition. Many names and places were changed or added. Many parts of the story, if unknown, were either added or changed for dramatic purposes.

Stories from the Boxcar is a work that draws on the memoirs of Frank’s late father and mother and his father’s siblings and relatives. The book was filled with stories from different people that are truly inspiring.

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