Logan Crawford of Spotlight TV interviews the author of the spectacular book “Caleb’s Journey,” Sidney Phelps Little

The Spotlight TV host, Logan Crawford, interviews the author of the book “Caleb’s Journey,” Sidney Phelps Little. The author shared the story and inspiration of the book he’d written.

The show Spotlight TV by Logan Crawford gives people a chance to be in the “spotlight,” to be the star of the night. Authors, inventors, filmmakers, experts, actors, entrepreneurs, creators, musicians, singers, songwriters, investors, performers, executives, medical professionals, and trendsetters—this is their “spotlight.”.

Sidney Phelps Little was a graduate of business management. He owned and ran his own printing and computer supply business until 1994. After selling that business, he flew as a contract flight instructor at Kirtland Flight Center at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque. It was during this time that he wrote One Step from Glory. Though the book is classified as a novel, it follows actual events that took place during WWI.

Following that, he wrote “Caleb’s Journey.” This, too, was a historical novel based on both secular and biblical histories. The main character, whom he would call his alter-ego, had viewed Jesus as he lived and died in Israel. This book recounts the history of the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70 by the Romans.

“Caleb’s Journey” by Sidney Little is a wise and inspiring depiction of life in the historic walled city of Jerusalem. It is a timeless tale of struggle, tenacity, and faith. This epic novel of historical fiction follows a simple man named Caleb from his first encounter with John the Baptist to the crucifixion of Jesus and through the early days of the siege on Jerusalem until the city fell in 70 A.D.

Watch the full interview below:

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