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What is the face of SUCCESS in the self-publishing industry?

Writing will never be easy, especially if you are not well-known or popular in this field. Those sleepless nights spent staring at your computer or paper, pondering what word to write, will be forgotten if not appreciated. Authors who are well-known for their craft usually start from scratch, writing manuscripts, polishing them, and then submitting them to traditional publishing houses, only to be laughed at or ignored. So, they decided to self-publish their book.

Many people might still be skeptical of the idea of self-publication. However, it is the reality of the publishing industry that if you are not known, then you have a chance of close to nothing publishing your book. Self-publishing is an opportunity for all writers to publish their books and create a way to the top.

The following authors are great examples of triumph as they invest in their books and believe in themselves:

Beatrix Potter

In the early 1900s, discrimination against female authors was rife. Beatrix Potter and her book, “The Tale of Peter Rabbit,” were laughed at by conventional publishers. Potter self-published 250 copies to ensure that her work would not be lost in obscurity. After initially rejecting Potter, a firm signed her to a contract within a year, and she went on to sell over 20,000 copies in her first year. The sales of Peter Rabbit have been estimated at 45,000,000 up to this date.

Andy Weir

The movie “The Martian,” which is an Oscar-nominated film, was based on a book written by Andy Weir. Before it became a world-class hit, Weir thought that his novel would be ignored by traditional publishers. However, instead of giving up and accepting defeat, he posted some excerpts of his novel on a blog that rapidly grew. As he gathered attention and interest in his book, he decided to self-publish it, and it soon became a bestseller on Amazon.

Those were just a couple of names of the authors who became successful in self-publishing. However, success doesn’t mean having a huge fanbase of readers or selling a million copies of the book. Success also means having your dreams come true, and if you want to publish your book, get a physical copy of it, then do it. There are lots of writers and novelists who weren’t popular but wished to publish their works.

Holding a physical copy of your book is a lifetime investment. If you feel like your dream won’t come true, then make it happen. Make your dreams come true through creativity and belief in yourself.

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