Marie D. Bajeux, RN, BSN

Marie D. Bajeux, RN, BSN

Gratitude is the perfect word to express my state of mind about my plant base dietary lifestyle. I had an amazing experience while practicing this life changing journey that started in 1999 and help me regain my state of health. At 72, I feel blessed of the opportunity to see my 4 children becoming responsible adults. This is one of my greatest accomplishments in life. Over the past 20 years, my family remains healthy through fitness exercises and daily consumption of organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Eventually, my children move out to start their own journey of life and make their personal dietary choices. I make them realized that achieving good health is simply a choice between consuming nutritious live foods and unhealthy foods which are deficient in essential nutrients necessary to maintain wellness.

Many nutritionists advocate a plant based lifestyle to not only heal but also detoxify the body and reduce inflammation which contributes to many chronic disorders such as diabetes, hypertension and vascular diseases. I wish others can experience that sense of wellness which can be achieved by nourishing the body the vital nutrients that non only heal the body but also sustain good health.

My goal was to be able to help others improve and maintain their quality of life. In 2005, I received a BSN in Nursing which give me the opportunity to teach my patients to incorporate a high fiber plant based foods to their dietary regimen while complying with their meds. Adhering to a healthy eating habits is not an easy task since most patients are reluctant to give up the foods they are accustomed to. My approach was to encourage and try to convince them that a low fat plant based foods can delay, prevent, and perhaps eliminating the long term complications associated with diabetes. I remember this 27 years old obese male patient who suffered a heart attack and was diagnosed with heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension. He was very receptive, enthusiastic, and eager to start the health care plan designs to provide him a new perspective of a better outlook on health. Six months later, he achieved his weight loss goal thereby lowering his a1c to a normal level. As a result, his health care provider was amazed with his progress and discontinued most of his meds. This life changing experience can be achieved by anyone who is willing to make changes and adhere to healthy life choices that contribute to a state of good health.

I explored intermittent fasting which is useful at eliminating visceral fats which accumulate around the abdomen and other organs causing insulin resistant. Fortunately, a low fat high fiber plants dietary lifestyle combine with fitness exsercises such as daily walking can be beneficial not only to achieve but also maintain weight loss. Furthermore, unprocessed whole foods and low glycemic index foods of less than 55 such as apples, papaya, citrus fruits, vegetables, beans etc. are excellent choices to control blood glucose.

Over the years, I was concerned about the side effects of premature aging. Research suggests that plants contain phytochemical that can repair the body at the cellular level, delay the signs of aging, and sustain vitality. I am really fortunate to have found and adhered to this healthy dietary lifestyle that help me achieved my goal of aging gracefully. Everyone has the potential to experience similar result because the human body is very resilient when nourish with a variety of plant foods. I strongly believe that our Creator plans for human was to consume clean and healing foods since he placed our first parents in a beautiful exotic garden that provides a variety of plants designed to nourish the body and soul. Unfortunately, they stepped out of their boundaries by choosing the forbidden fruit which caused their demise. People certainly suffers the consequences of their poor dietary choices which deprived the body of the necessary nutrients required to maintain good health and prevent diseases.

I have to mention that children can benefit from eating healthy. They will get accustom to proper nutrition, and grew up to be healthy adults. Parents’ role is to not only educate them of the importance of plants foods, but also to provide them in their daily routine to promote wellness. I am convinced that the world will be a happier place if everyone starts practicing preventive medicine. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, taught humanity the most vital concept of natural healing by choosing plant foods as the best alternative means of medicine.

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