The Us Review of Books (USRB) praised the inspiring book entitled “Battling the Quits” by E. Todd Stubblefield

Have you ever thought of quitting the challenges you’re facing? Is the idea of giving up crossing your mind? If so, what will you do?

Jonah Meyer of The US Review of Books (USRB) reviewed E. Todd Stubblefield’s book, “Battling the Quits,” which she highly commends. She mentioned in her review that “The material is universal and immediately relatable. Stubblefield’s heartfelt take regarding battling the urge to quit is well-conceived and conveyed in a relatable, passionate manner.

Book reviews provide a summary of the book’s content, evaluate the value of the book, and recommend it to other readers. It increases the chances of gaining readers as well as increasing the visibility of the book. The more the book has a positive review, the more it gathers attention. And the US Review of Books is one of the US-based contemporary book review publications run by professional reviewers and editors. They analyze every qualifying book that is released without regard for the work’s author or publisher.

The author, E. Todd Stubblefield, was born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia, and attended Williams High School from 1985 to 1989. After graduating from high school, he was given a sports scholarship to play collegiate football at Virginia Union University. After the first semester of his junior year, he decided to drop out of school to work as a police officer in his hometown.

E. Todd has been a deputy sheriff with the Alexandria Sheriff’s Office for the past 28 years, with two breaks in service, and is currently the staff chaplain and program coordinator for the inmates.

His book, “Battling the Quits,” is a collection of thoughts arising out of the various times and occasions when one is challenged by life’s storms. This includes prayers and resolutions on how to solve the complexities that come into our lives.

We don’t have to put ourselves in the shoes of those who, unfortunately, chose not to answer the door when trouble arrived. Do not let quitting rob you of your opportunities for growth, development, and character development simply because it is the easiest way out. Fight hard and trust God, and you will discover that you are a winner and equipped to be more than a conqueror in the end.

Allow yourself to be the best version of “you” and do not let the words “I quit” rob you of the great things in life.

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