“The Special Little Star” by Tracy Marie Filigenzi was highly praised by The US Review of Books

Look up into the sky at night. Way up in the heavens, stars shine brightly down upon you. Some are large, glistening spots, but others are small, twinkling specks.

In partnership with the US Review of Books, “The Special Little Star” by Tracy Marie Filigenzi was recommended by Jonah Meyer after a thorough evaluation, which highlights that “In large part, what makes this book so special and enticing to share with young children is its gentle voice. Also, the story’s simplicity, both with the text used and the accompanying artwork, somehow makes it more effective.

To increase the chances of gaining readers as well as increase the visibility of the book, book reviews are being made by professional book reviewers. It also provides a summary of the book’s content, evaluates its value, and recommends it to other readers. The US Review of Books is a US-based contemporary book review publication that connects authors with professional reviewers and gets their titles in front of thousands of followers. They provide analysis for every qualifying book that is published without regard for the book’s author.

“The Special Little Star” is a tale of one of those stars. He is a small star with big dreams. He dreams of being like the other, larger stars, of no longer being teased because he doesn’t shine as brightly. When joy and happiness enter the world in the form of a tiny baby boy, this special star may just get his wish.

Tracy Filigenzi gives a new angle to the Christmas story. “The Special Little Star,” tells the story of the Christmas star, the brightly shining star that led the Wise Men to Bethlehem and then to baby Jesus. Children will read this heartwarming tale again and again.

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