The book trailer for Michael Franklin Varro Jr. “Stories from the Boxcar: A Spiritual Journey” is now available

The spectacular book “Stories from the Boxcar: A Spiritual Journey” by Michael Franklin Varro Jr. released its premier book trailer. This will spark interest in potential readers and encourage them to grab and read the book through high-quality graphics and videos. Book trailers provide an additional layer of excitement to help readers understand the book.

Frank Varro, author of “Stories from the Boxcar,” is a retired Methodist pastor, prison and hospice chaplain, missionary, teacher, counselor, and musician. He is from a three-generation family of Chinese missionaries. This ‘Quilogy’ (five books in one) is the story of his paternal Hungarian-immigrant heritage and his maternal-missionary heritage. It relates to his father’s boyhood home—a boxcar on a siding in Regina, Saskatchewan—from which came his father’s many stories and life’s lessons, which is the theme of Dr. Varro’s book—pictures of his own life, struggles, victories, and detours along the way.

The journey takes us through his international childhood in Alaska, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and five states of the U.S. He graduated from Morrison Academy, a Taiwan missionary boarding school; he also graduated from Seattle Pacific University, where he met and married Margo Moore, his accompanist—now his wife of 56 years.

The memoirs of Frank’s late mother and father, as well as the siblings and family members of his father, are incorporated into “Stories from the Boxcar: A Spiritual Journey.” The book is brimming with inspirational stories from a variety of authors.

Watch the full trailer below:

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