CBS Radio host Benji Cole interviews the author of the book, “But You, Who Do You Say That I Am?: Jesus, A Friend or an acquaintance?,” Kettly Hogu

When it comes to providing information to the public or introducing a brand, a radio interview is one of the best mediums to use. That is why, in cooperation with CBS Radio’s host Benji Cole and Citi of Books Publishing, the inspiring and amazing stories behind every author’s work will be heard.

The author of the motivational book “But You, Who Do You Say That I Am?: Jesus, A Friend or an acquaintance?,” Kettly Hogu was interviewed by Benji Cole of CBS Radio. The inspiration and theme of the book were discussed during the interview.

Kettly Hogu is a former Elementary school teacher who resides in the US. Her hobbies include writing, family gatherings, and reach-out ministry. Kettly served as a deacon and later as the head of the Trustee Board at First Baptist Church of Randolph, MA, from 2001 to 2011. Then I took part in the reach-out ministry of the Potter’s House of Dallas, TX, during the year 2015. She also worked in different managerial capacities in the corporate world. Currently, Kettly is self-employed and works in the Early Childhood field.

“But You, Who Do You Say That I Am?: Jesus, A Friend or an Acquaintance?” is not only a book of motivation but also a story about the author’s commitment to God. Every intelligent person experience self-reflection and self-evaluation at some point in their lives.

In assessing ourselves, we look for ways to approve or improve it for a better quality of life. Often, this self-assessment would focus solely on monetary acquisitions. Living our lives to the fullest is suitable for all mankind. It’s a great objective to strive for, and it’s very important to assess our spiritual life from time to time and strengthen this beautiful relationship with the Lord, Jesus Christ. This sacrificial death of Jesus happened only for one reason: To reconcile the world with the Master of the Universe.

Our spiritual health depends greatly on our spiritual wealth, for God is Spirit. The questions to ask yourself are the following: Can you testify about Jesus? And if so, who do I say that He is?

Listen to the full interview below:

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  1. Great book and great interview! We praise God for Kettly’s ministry. The book is vey refreshing and helps put Jesus in the right place in our lives in case we had not yet realized who He is. I am looking forward to reading « Thy Will Be Done » by the same author.

    Kettly, may God, in His mercy, continue to use you as a powerful vessel for the advancement of His kingdom! Every praise is to Our God! 🙏💕🌹

  2. I’m so grateful for Kettly’s ministry and book! The book spoke to me in a very deep and personal way. A great read for both new believers and seasoned christians.

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