CBS Radio Host, Benji Cole, interviewed the author of the book “Thief of Dreams,” JP Powers

When it comes to providing information to the public or introducing a brand, a radio interview is one of the best mediums to use. That is why, in cooperation with CBS Radio’s host, Benji Cole, and Citi of Books Publishing, the inspiring and amazing stories behind every author’s work will be heard.

JP Powers, author of the book “Thief of Dreams,” was featured in an interview with Benji Cole of CBS Radio. They talked in depth about his book’s theme and inspiration during the interview.

JP Powers lost his father at a young age by ending his own life. Since then, he lived with several families before he found his home in the Army. After a year of intense training in combat engineering, he earned his commission as an infantry officer at just eighteen years old. He served during the Vietnam War and received injuries that would later become crippling. After serving in the Army, Powers started a business alongside his family, and his future looked great. What followed were some of the strangest events leading up to betrayal, greed, corporate corruption, witchcraft, paranormal activity, and much more. Those years were the craziest in his life. Thus, “Thief of Dreams” had to be written.

JP Powers spent many years in the entertainment business as a rock star manager, concert producer, and movie producer, and was honored to be the producer of USO Entertainment, Bob Hope, serving our military and delivering the best entertainment to those deployed throughout the world.

“Thief of Dreams” is a crime thriller that takes readers on a captivating journey through the life of the protagonist, Kyle Stone. Set in the vibrant and tumultuous city of San Francisco in the 1980s.

The story follows Kyle as he navigates the challenges of building a financial empire, but every time he faces a setback, he is mysteriously saved by a guardian angel or higher power, leaving him and the reader wondering about the identity and motive of this mysterious savior.

Listen to the full interview below:

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