“The Secrets of a Killer Auto Business Plan for Success” by Donald Funk was highly praised by The US Review of Books

Book reviews provide a summary of the book’s content, evaluate its value, and recommend it to other readers. It increases the chances of gaining readers as well as increasing the visibility of the book. The more the book has a positive review, the more it gathers attention. The US Review of Books is one of the US-based contemporary book review publications run by professional reviewers and editors. They analyze every qualifying book that is released without regard for the work’s author or publisher.

The US Review of Books (USRB) reviewed Donald Funk’s book, “The Secrets of a Killer Auto Business Plan for Success,” which was praised by Carolyn Davis after it was evaluated. She emphasizes, “As the author’s book shows, sustained success is more likely achieved when everyone is involved and has a voice in the company, product development and/or delivery, and the evaluation of consumers’ satisfaction. Funk’s intriguing work is well-suited for anyone looking for a common-sense approach to business success.

Don Funk has over 52 years of experience in the auto aftermarket industry. He started as a technician, then progressed to management roles at a transmission rebuilder. Don even owned a chain of transmission shops! He later became service manager at Canadian Tire, growing the store to #1 in sales. Now he consults to help other auto service businesses succeed.

“The Secrets of a Killer Auto Business Plan for Success” is an intuitive book that will elevate your customer service rating and rock your sales while taking you’re earning through that unlimited ceiling. This book brings a complete stuffed success toolbox to empower all the front-line cast members, the service manager, ops manager, board of directors, and the C.E.O. This masterpiece needs to be in the hands of every cast member, which will be like adding jet fuel that will drive your business beyond your wildest dreams.

This is a brilliant book that checks all the boxes that will drive double-digit sales with the help of engaged consumers to educate, thus empowering the consumer so they can see the value, sell themselves, and finally execute the important “ask.”. This book is an ingenious read on how automotive service providers can build a consistent double digital traffic through a transformational customer service experience.

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