“The Healing Of Windwalker: A Story of Love, Hate and Redemption” by Donald L. Chadd is now available for purchase

All Walker could think about was that it was time to teach those people the ultimate lesson for taking him away from the parents and family he loved. They destroyed his life, and his plan for revenge was brilliant. They were going to pay dearly for what they had done to him! As he puts his evil plan into action, he wonders if there can ever be forgiveness, either on Earth or in Heaven, for what he is about to do. 

Donald L. Chadd, born in Colorado, has harbored a lifelong interest in Native American history and culture. His fascination began at the age of ten when he stumbled upon a handwritten book detailing the history and fabulous illustrations of the Indians in the Four Corners area of Colorado. Driven by curiosity, he dove deeper into this rich heritage. 

Over the years, Donald forged personal connections with Native Americans. His experiences were multifaceted, from working as a miner in Colorado’s and New Mexico’s uranium mines to serving as a registered representative for Prudential Financial in Cortez, Colorado. During his time at Prudential, he handled insurance and retirement plans for the Adolescent Treatment Center in Shiprock, New Mexico. Donald’s many conversations with Navajo elders, employees at the center, and the youth who were going through treatment exposed him to the many challenges faced by the youth and those living on the reservation. These great experiences became the basis and foundation for this story. 

“The Healing of Windwalker: A Story of Love, Hate, and Redemption” is a novel that revolves around Windwalker, an orphaned Native American child who is given to LDS Placement Services by the Navajo Indian tribe. Placed with an adoptive LDS family, Windwalker grows up in a loving and Christ-centered environment. As he matures physically, mentally, and spiritually, his life is great because he excels at everything he tries. He is even blessed with a vision, which entrusts him with a sacred and urgent message for his people. Then, his life falls apart because he is removed from the family he loves so much. The spirit of hate and revenge overtakes him, causing him to make some horrific choices that not only hurt him but also many of those he loves the most. This novel explores themes of the destructive nature of hate, the healing balm of forgiveness, and the unbelievable power of the Savior’s redemption and atonement, which bring hope to the hopeless. The struggle between love and hate is real, and it affects everyone to some degree or another. 

“The Healing Of Windwalker: A Story of Love, Hate and Redemption” by Donald L. Chadd is now available for purchase via the link provided below:

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