CBS Radio Host, Benji Cole, interviewed the author of the book “The Great Deception of American Christianity Without Christ,” Don Britton

When it comes to providing information to the public or introducing a brand, a radio interview is one of the best mediums to use. That is why, in cooperation with CBS Radio’s host, Benji Cole, and Citi of Books Publishing, the inspiring and amazing stories behind every author’s work will be heard.

Don Britton was featured in an interview with Benji Cole of CBS Radio for his book “The Great Deception of American Christianity Without Christ.” They talked about the in-depth nature of his book’s theme and inspiration during the interview.

Don Britton was born in Chattanooga, TN, in 1948. He embraced Christianity at the age of 32. After attending various denominational churches, he grew frustrated and confused by their differing teachings, traditions, rituals, and beliefs. This led him to embark on a serious, lifelong study of the Bible, using concordances, Greek and Hebrew dictionaries, and later, computer-based Bible software. For nearly 40 years, Don has researched the scriptures, comparing his findings to the commonly accepted beliefs of modern American Christianity.

His book, “The Great Deception of American Christianity,” is the culmination of these years of study. It critiques the practices of the American church and contrasts them with biblical teachings. The book explores issues like paid pastors, tithing, salvation, rapture, grace, worship services, ministry for money, and other important doctrinal topics. Don warns that if you’re not ready to confront the truth, you shouldn’t read this book. He believes there is a simple way to know and follow God, which is obscured by man-made religion in American Christianity. This book aims to either liberate you from false Christianity or challenge you deeply. Don hopes it will set you free.

Listen to the full interview below:

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