Whatever this place was, it separated me from my friends.

The best way to describe my dilemma was to imagine standing on a ledge. There was a grizzly bear in front of me and an abyss behind. There was no denying the situation. All my buddies were behind the bear shouting incoherently, and they couldn’t do anything to help. I had to decide whether to take on the bear or believe the strange voice in my head that said, ‘Go ahead. Jump. It’ll be all right.’ So that’s what I did: jump! Whether it made me unpopular or not, I would take the risk and see where I landed.

Do you feel like an outsider? Does it seem like everything you do is wrong? Sometimes it’s like trouble is lurking in every corner, and it’s so hard to not make a mistake.

In Where Are You Going, Larry faces his own troubles. His band of friends, the Midnight Bike Marauders, keeps disobeying the rules. Susie, the neighborhood’s know-it-all tattletale, keeps making Larry lose his temper. And the rival baseball team may steal the big win of the summer.

Through all of this, Larry begins to learn more about God and the Bible. Will Larry overcome his problems? Can he learn who will always be there to help him?

Larry Bachman weaves the everyday trials of peer pressure, choice, and accountability into Bible-based applications that will help kids with their decision making. From the lessons he learned from his parents and grandmother, Larry is able to show kids that they are not alone in their situations; and there is no experience that God cannot handle.

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