Prayer. It is the most important method of opening up a channel between God and ourselves. Prayer is our only hope if we seek to develop and evolve a closer, personal relationship with the God of all creation. Moreover, without it, we can’t have high expectations for being able to “hear” God when He speaks to us. Or as much gratitude for experiencing His unlimited grace.

God speaks to all of His children. The problem is that most of us don’t know how or what to listen for. In author Magdalena Edmonson’s Grace and Gratitude: Developing Personal Prayer, readers will find a creative and practical guide to develop and empower a new personal prayer life, with encouragement to regularly practice prayer. First started in the author’s personal prayer journals, this book has grown into a God-given gift for all readers who wish to have a stronger prayer bond with God, and who long to hear His voice, but feel frustrated or concerned that there is something wrong with their prayers when they can’t hear God’s reply.

Edmonson experienced her own difficulties in this, as she strived and struggled to listen to God’s voice in all her prayers. She intuitively realized that she could “hear” God’s responses to her journal writing, and through her thoughts whenever she had thoughts both “good and unusual” cross her mind. Sharing her process in these pages, the author hopes this book will serve you in your prayers as well, and help you discover the God who always loves, provides, and wishes to meet the deepest desires of our hearts.

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