Saudah Aziz, born in Queens New York graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management (Information Systems) from Chicago State University. Worked for a large communications company in technology then made a career change to education by returning to school, Virginia Commonwealth University earning a certificate for Emotional Disturbance to become a certificated Special Education Teacher. Returned to school again for a Master of Arts degree in Education (Curriculum and Instruction) at University of Phoenix. She is currently teaching Special Education in a self-contained classroom in Fort Worth, Texas.

The idea for the title, Magic of Shoes: A Journey through Middle School with the Right Pair of Shoes On, came with much thought as Saudah was determined to win the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest, but unsure of what to write about. She wanted to spark an interest in middle school students, where she worked, that they have the power to change the world when they are kind to others. Saudah noticed that students valued having the right pair of footwear to match their outfit, but what they didn’t notice was their shoes gave them a personality to do thea right or wrong thing. It’s hard to be a teenager in middle school therefore, readers will learn how to survive school with the right pair of shoes on through the magic of shoes. Students can impower themselves and others by being kind. On the last day of school before a holiday break, Saudah wore a pair of shoes that has not worn in years. As she walked to her classroom her shoes fell apart, the rubber sole came off and she picked it up. ‘That’s it!” She said; The Magic of Shoes is the title for a young adult fiction book. An intervention had taken place and it give her encouragement to write.

Magic of Shoes take the reader on a journey of scenarios and situations that happens during a school year. Saudah put her herself in the shoes of middle school students to challenge them in making better choices that could lead to a better life. Magic of Shoes helps the reader apply analytical thinking skills to make good decisions. The goal is to build a positive character and develop self-determination skills that builds good relationships. A positive attitude promotes social-emotional learning towards others.

Saudah loves to travel, read, sew, create, watch movies, listening to others, laugh, spend time with family, meditate to escape life pressures, and work as founder and president of a nonprofit organization,

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